Looking for Guidance about Kodular and MySQL using PHP

hello everyone, im new to kodular and i want to ask for your help regarding my simple program. before writing here, ive spent 8 hours trying to read and understand some post here regarding my problem to no avail.

I’m trying to develop a login form where the user could enter their user/password, and then it will display their fullname, address, contact. Im using MySQL as my database and use a php file to interface with kodular.

Here is my block.

the block is working until the response content. The message dialog really displays the John Doe, City Address, 03466734.

fullname, address,contact are the from php/database

// If Password matches, retrieve user information
$fullname = $row['fullname'];
$address = $row['address'];
$contact = $row['contact'];

What i want is to display those three on the labels instead. im lost in this json, dictionary as im also new to them. thank you very much in advance.

The response content is seems to be in csv row so just use list from csv row text to and convert the return value into list then by using select list item block to parse them into various label

Thank you for your help. ill dig into this and hopefully i find a solution.

Well, hours of trying are not hours wasted: they are hours of learning. 8 hours…1 day…1 week… learning time is always valid. Which part do you have problems with? What type of data does your PHP script return? Json? What’s actually going on in your web . got? Give more details and that increases the chance that you will receive help directed to your problem.
Hugs :+1:

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

my php script will return the value of

  1. I have a problem displaying the data i retrieved from database to display in three labels.
  2. Here are the variables and the data type i want to display from mysql database using php to kodular
    fullname - varchar
    address - varchar
    contact - bigint
  3. ive tried this two web.got, but it only works until the Show Message Dialog’s Response Content which is in the form of John Doe, City Address, 31829312 . but the labels are not working, it should be three labels.

Thank you to the two of you, i have known the problem. it lies on what im trying to retrieved and the format in which i want to get it. it turns out that im trying to get a row of data and in kodular im taking it in the form of json and dictionary so it wont work.

The solution is to edit the php so that the response content is in the form of json

$response = array();
$response["fullname"] = $row['fullname'];
$response["address"] = $row['address'];
$response["contact"] = $row['contact'];

the block in my first post is now working as they are now in dictionary pairs.