Help about mysql

this is my first time using mysql as database,
what’s wrong with my php script. I want to try to find data in the mysql table but no message appears…

my table

my block kodular
Screenshot 2023-01-07 233436

This might not be the problem, but I noticed the URL set in Web1 doesn’t need to have double slashes (//) on the filename. You’re doing “//create.php” where it should be “/create.php”.

Also, if any error is occuring in PHP it should log somewhere. It could be located inside you public_html folder as something like “errors.log”. Maybe posting it’s contents can help finding whats going on.


label 1 not showing response content…

A hint : Check here in the forum / community about your problem ( web component json mysql response content )
You need to return JSON from your PHP script.
You will find dozens of answers.

thanks your solution…

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