Help Need for MySQL error

Hello Kodular
I need some help on this error

Please Help

You are trying to select item of index 2 from list and your list has only 1 item. Double check whether you are adding items in list or post blocks images.

Ok wait sharing some block image

The error looks like that your mysql is failed to connect by a reason. That’s why it returning a error. Make sure you have entered the right details in your connection php file.
AFAIK, you can try to recheck your database password and match it to your pho connection file

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yes today i have changed the password

what I should i have to do now to solve this please help

You also need to change it in your php script.
I have already said that make sure you have right database details in your php script file

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Great man your are we love to have so good and supportive Kodular expert. Professional support title deserve you. very very happy for you.

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How I solved this issue.
Today I changed my database password for security reasons but forgot to change the password in mysql.php script so that way it is showing error from that onwards.

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