Retrieve data from mysql php

i need help. tree height, tree diameter, root scattering should retrieve a number “12”. but here they are all duplicate.

this is my php

your help mean so much to me.

Show your blocks…


Read :

There is no query when web got text. Please read this topic too

Yes there is.
His query is on the server side.

i have referring to this guides at the first place but i dont find any solution to my problem.

The guides are ready and tested. The 2 guides send the SQL commands. And the commands are handled in the PHP script.
Read the scripts and understand them.
Your script is executing the SQL commands on the server side (nothing is wrong with that), but the script has errors.
Again, read the scripts and blocks that already work.

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do you have a solution for this problem?

What’s your problem with Kodular + PHP Script?