Asset on runtime

Is there any way where we can add, delete and manage asset during run-time?

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can you please clear your questions… I am unable to understand that what you wanna say…

can we add some files to asset on clicking a button in the app?

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Nope thats really not possible .

This is not possible either with Kodular, Appybuidler, AI2, … nor with Android Studio.
Assets can only be read (at runtime).


Actually I want to make an app to display pdf. How can I do like this? ScreenRecorder_20190810-185413.mp4 (7.2 MB)

You can’t do this with assets, but maybe you can do something similar using the application’s data folder

how can i do that here?

If I were you, I would do some of this:

  1. Search in the community

  2. Try yourself

And finally, if everything fails, open a topic

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The user already started one… this one. :wink:


But in my opinion he has not tried to do it on his own

Here we are also to learn from what we are trying, not just solutions, you said it yourself


Yes but after he tried he can post it here, not in a new topic. :wink:

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Translation error in my response .-.

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I have been trying this since 3 months. Till now I have made this (kompass.apk (7.1 MB)

app but its not as fluent in displaying pdf as in the video above.