Assets Upload Failed

We ever I Try To Upload Image Through Assets Its Say Builder Failed To Upload Plz Fix zit

Maybe you can tell something about the image you are trying to upload? How can we help when you give no information.

It was as splash image

Tell something about the size? How do you suppose we can help when you tell so little. With all the new users on the forum i hope you understand it is taking far to much time everytime a user just post something but doesn’t give any information that is useful.

It’s Size is 685.17 KB And its In in png Form And here is look at image When I upload it To Builder It SSys Builder Uploading After sometime it Say Builder Failed To Upload.

Reload the builder and see what happens. I can upload your image without any problem. It wasn’t working at first but the reason was that i had my builder to long opened without doing anything, so it asked me to reload the page. Then it worked like a charm.

Thanks For Help It Work Fine Now

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