Attempt to get lenght of null array

I have an app about 1 year in play store.
I use tainful file extension to create a file explorer and it is working well, when Kodular Eagle came out i updated my app without change nothing in blocks, and now everytime i try acess my file explorer i got the “Attempt to get lenght of null array”.
But if i use Kodular test via companion its working.
Can anyone help me, i’ve upated my app in play store and now i’m receiving too much warning from users.

There is no such length block in above blocks.
So you have to show us full blocks or correct one.

Here are the blocks with leght of list, but when i execute the button in that other image i sent, result in the same error, even without lenght block


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I found the solution

For some reason the app isnt requesting for permission to read data from storage automatically. I’ve included a block to force de request and its work.


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