Attempt to invoke virtual method'' on null object reference

this block was working 1 hour ago and then suddenly it shows this error. also when i try again in 10 minutes it works but if you try again it doesn’t work and shows you the error. so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. here’s my block arrangement

What error is showing?
You should provide enough details so that one can help you.

read the title

Do you mean this?

Otherwise this is not right if anyone wants to help you then you will say :- Read topic title and help me

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yes this error

Are you sure icon.png is on your device at all times?

yes it is always there in assets. it’s just that this block sometime works and sometime doesn’t.
at this time i checked this again and it is working in companion but it is not working in compiled apk. isn’t it strange.

also i have another custom message same as this but that is working images in both of them is same.

Can you provide us with an aia that exhibit this error


Copy the image, rename it and attached the new name to the notifier component.

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