Audiance Network app approval pending for too long


My app was rejected from the audience network because of violating there policy 4.1 (I hope everyone knows what that is)

I updated my modular according to necessary changes and appealed the audience network team to have a check.

Its been 14 to 15 days I got no response from the audience network team, Its seems like they had just forgotten.

I am not even able to delete and reupload my app.

Is I am only one facing this problem

Please, someone, give me what to do.


Same problem with me

When have you submitted your Aoo on Audience Network…?

You should mail to facebook audience for this

20-25 days ago

I Submitted my App on August 22.

I send them and they send me a beautiful message:

Facebook " Review time depends on many factor and we review these submission as quickly as possible, and of now we are unable to provide a timeline of the review"

This was there answer

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Remove property and apply again it can be work

Did u find the solution?

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