Auto focus not in Companion

Auto focus not in Companion.
While testing in companion cursor will not come in first text box (Focusing the text box)
While download .apk and install the app, Cursor will come on first text box when screen is visible.

Is this a mistake of companion…?

How can i disable

did u set ur cursor color?

Thanks for the response.
It is not a question of cursor colour. I didn’t change the default colour.

In my project i had used the event block “Got Focus” as follows.

In companion the entire action of this block will execute only when i touch the text box.


When i installed the app using downloaded .apk file
The entire action of the above block will execute automatically when the screen comes visible.

ie. in the companion and actual app are showing different behavior.
I felt a bug in companion…

My requirement is working in companion. In actual app it seemed that Auto focus is acting on the topmost textbox.

In my project this auto focusing should be disabled…
please help me

Hi Kumar_Mohan,
Check my blocks, work on companion. May be help you.

blocks (12)

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Then why you set my post as solution?

I think this may be a mistake…
As a new man in this community, may be a mistake

Now only i noticed that it is marked as solution…
still i don’t know how it is marked as solution…

any how sorry for my mistake you may please read my replay.


Thanks for your response,
I think there is a communication problem between you and me.

your solution is for the execution of auto focus.

My requirement is to stop the auto focus.

In companion there is no auto focus, it is ok, So i tested my app in companion and is working as what i expected.


when i created the .apk file and installed in android it is performing with auto focus.

In companion it was performed without auto focus…See the difference

My requirement is
the app should work without auto focus. I don’t want the facility of auto focus.

Auto focus is present only in original installation…
Auto focus is not in companion, In companion it is fine…

i think now it is clear

Please help me


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Now is more clear. Your title post is wrong.
for example, you can hide Text Box and when the user press button show Text Box with focus and keyboard.
Please you can upload app screenshot to see what are in the screen.

Thank you for your response…
I am sending two screen shots, ScreenShot_1 and ScreenShot_2.

Pic 1

Pic 2

My requirement is Screen should halt at Pic 1 and Turned to Pic 2 only after touching the textbox 1.

ie While focusing TextBox 1, a list should be visible in between TextBox1 and TextBox2.

In companion every thing is fine, It is working as per my requirement.
While installing using .apk file, there is no halt at Pic 1,
Pic 1 is just flashing and Pic 2 is coming and waiting for list pickup.

Picture of blocks are already given
“Job_selected” is the name of TextBox 1
“Job_Search_list” is the name of list displayed.

I think explanation is sufficient.

waiting for your help

If the user don’t need to complete the job, why you are used a Text Box ?
User only can select job from list. Can used labels to do that

Job: Select Job
Label 3: Label 4
Label 5: Label 6

On Desing set Label 2 Clickable.
On Block set When Label 2 “Select Job” click show all components like Pic 2

After the user select from list you can change label text and go back to Pic 1

Job: Bricklayer
Label 3: Label 4
Label 5: Label 6

If you used a Text Box, every time touch them keyboard is visible and you don’t need that.

Thank you for your response…
Yes…i think it is a solution for my requirement…
Even then…there is a bug in companion.

Companion and original installation are working in two different ways.
i think it is a bug…

Both should perform same way…
i don’t know where should i report about this bug…

About my problem…i didn’t try your suggestion
i will come back to you after that…

After trail i will mark this as solution…


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Thanks for your answer…
It is working nice


Pls mark @bestprintsf as solution

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Changed the solution from this

To this

Thanks @WatermelonIce

Uh, why is the solution my post? Changed it again.

sorry…I think now it is ok

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