Text colour is not changing as selected

whenever i am changing my text colour as selected one at always shown in black and white …i dont knw what to do bcz i hv tried many things but its not solving the issue


If you want help you have to give enough information. Please read the following topic

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as i said text colour is not changing that means when i select blue or magenta or anything else it shows always in black not in the above mentioned colour and if select some light colour clay then it shows always in white border filled with white colour so i said it white. for this i have searched on google and on community also but i didnt get any perfect ans or related to this. i have uninstall the companion , tried in new project bit nothing is happening so i posted here. please guide me if anyone also faced this or know about this.

If you have read the topic i showed you you have read that the best thing you can do is to show some screenshots or blocks so we can get an idea what you are facing.

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Can you show your blocks.May be there is an issue there?

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ryt now no b;ocks i am using … i am just testing and its simple screen and one label…nothing else because i thought it may be bcz some issue in block but in simple label also its not changing

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Can you send a test aia

gameapp.aia (37.8 KB)

try this.
I added another label under the original label:
gameapp (1).aia (37.9 KB)

same issue

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May be the problem from the color?
I changed the color to one of the default colors of kodular
Also do you set any special setting in your phone to change the colors?
gameapp (2).aia (37.9 KB)

Device name, Android version, Theme?
The same result with compiled app (APK)?

sorry i didnt get you…can u explain

no…because i checked for another colour by code but same result and for default alos same result

And what about:

samsung galaxy M30s, android version 9, theme default…and i dont think i hv changed any colour settings

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Ok, but please answer this:

how to do that?