I'm New to Kodular

Hi All

I’ve been creating an app in AppInventor and found this code block editor and thought i’d give it a try.

I’ve imported my AI2 aia file and everything is working, i’m now trying out all the different options. but i have a question

All the dialogs and popups have there text colour for ‘OK’, ‘Cancel’ etc on a nice magenta colour.

I can’t find a way way to change this, or am I missing something?


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Change the main color of your app called Accent color. On Android 5+, will work for all, on Android 1-5, will work for most of the dialogs.


I’m using ‘BlueStacks’ as my emulator and the colour change doesn’t seem to work, I will export an apk and see if that helps

Thanks for your help

If you are testing your app with Companion, Accent color will stay as Pink because Companion has own Accent color.


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