Spotlight Wrong

Good day, I have a problem with the spotlight component and a textbox.

I have in my screen a textbox, an image and the spotlight component. When I clicked the image the spotlight appears and it works good but when I dismiss it the textbox is unable to write.

Post your blocks please

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As I said the spotlight works fine but the problem is with the textbox, after I use the spotlight the textbox is unable to write

I test it and it works. Can you share the aia?

You’ll be able to, only after dismissing the spotlight if I remember correctly.

spotlight.aia (9.8 KB)

In companion mode after I dismiss the spotlight I can’t write in the textbox and usin bluestack emulator I can write but i cant delete the letters. Its rare

I dismiss the spotlight using touch and back buttom and is the same in both cases.

any help with this?

Test it with companion on Xiaomi Mi A1, android 9 and works ok

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Jum it is rare i tested it in 4 phones and all have the same problem, I watched your video and my questioni is after you write you can delete the text normally too?

Yes I can with no problem . Tested in companion and also installed apk on phone

Well i had to disable the option of dismiss with back buttom and the problem was resolved. Thank you for help.