Background in Notifier

Wow!!! Amazing, @vishwasadiga!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Can I give you another suggestion? Why not having a way to change the option MESSAGE of the Notifier → .ShowProgressDialog? With this way we can be able to show message and update them in our blocks… Is it possible or am I just dreaming aloud? :thinking::joy::joy:

You mean changing the message while the dialog is being shown?

Yes, exactly!! I just asked about .ShowProgressDialog, because I think it is used for long processes, so we could changing the message, depending on the block process is working.

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Had you been using Android Studio, then this would’ve been possible. Unfortunately, every dialog call as an extension creates a static dialog, the contents of which cannot be changed.

There is a way to do it, but it requires getting the IDs of every dialog element and replacing the text. This, however, isn’t hardware accelerated, and can take a toll on the speed of the app.


Ok, understood!!! :+1:

can i change text of progress dialog

Of course, set it at Show Progress Dialog block.
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Sir please tell me how to change notifier progress dialog colour

Check this topic:

that really works! Thank you!

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Is it possible to change the default Kodular pink color on the Notifier component? I can change the title, text and backgdound colors but the button text colors and the 2 horizontal lines always show as pink.

Just change the accent color at Screen 1


Doesnt’t seem to change anything.

Show what you did and how you tested it.

Build your app, some stuff doesn’t show in companion


I just have a blank new project opened with a button and a notifier. I haven’t tried building the app yet, will try that.

Building the app applied the color changes. Thank you