Bad Argument Error

Hello friends
I am getting error in open source shared application, what is the solution?
Note : I get the error when I click the button in the application.
Error Image ;

Code Structure ;

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Peter you’re still the same I edited the topic

The image you posted is to small to read.

Do not take screenshot, just use Right click in block section and download blocks as image then upload here

Even with :eyeglasses: I can not see image. To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select “Download Blocks as Image”. If needed use an image editor to crop cause


THX edit image

I believe still it is not clear… pls see to that… More clear your image you will get suggestion from users

I already did this :smiley:

i believe you have used the aia of this topic, if so no issue with that aia and working fine, but you have added ad in this aia it seems

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yes application what is the solution to this problem?

No prob with aia of that thread, it is working fine… i am not sure with your aia… do know what changes you have made. I am getting properly the images in the web viewer

The problem still persists.
Original APK is incorrect
I’m waiting for solution


@Still-learning @dora_paz

the response content of Web2.GotText is not what you expect…
you might want to display it in a label to find out what will be provided…

when the lookup in pairs block does not find what you are looking for, “not found” will be passed to the length of list block… as you know, the length of list block expects a list… therefore you get that error message…


Can you send it as a block? thanks @Taifun

problem persists

I want solution

Modify blocks as shown below so if id not found it want cause error

Do you want a solution? This is not the right way to ask for help.

Everyone has to know how to wait for help
Or search, make an effort and try It yourself.

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