Error related to external images in Galleri Viewer - " imagesThe operation Images cannot accept the arguments: "

Good morning guys!!!

I’m new here and in the area of creating apps tb… I searched here in the community and in google tb about this error, I found similar errors, but none specific to this error, which apparently is related to opening external images in the Gallery Viewer, I don’t know if it’s a block programming error or an impossibility of Kodular or even Android to allow this.

If you can help me I would be extremely grateful!!

Why are there these blocks?


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Thanks so much for the help!!

I thought it would serve to set the first image on the list as the initial…

Deleting this block the error that was being accused by Kodular disappeared, but the gallery doesn’t work.

here is a working gallery viewer example for you…


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Good morning Taifun!

See, with this configuration of blocks that you put, the gallery works, but it only works with local images… if I insert web links, it stops working.

Does the Gallery accept images from this source or just direct images?

Erro Galeria 02

I never used the gallery viewer, I only did a search in the community for you…

It looks like it works only with local images…

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Got it… no problem, very grateful for the effort and intent. :wink:

The problem with only having local images is that whenever I change the images I will have to send an App update and I wanted this to be more automatic.

English is our community language, please translate

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Sorry again!

There could be some logic, which checks your server if there are new images to download… if yes, replace the previously downloaded images


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If there is such a possibility, yes it would be perfect.

Good afternoon Taifun!!

I got around the impediment with an adaptation and it worked, it needs some adjustments, but nothing too complicated to solve, I believe.

Instead of using the Gallery, I inserted images in a horizontal scrollable organization, the main image is changed through the blocks, from the click given on the smaller image and so the external link to update is accepted.

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