Runtime Error : image Picker Component

I’m having problem with to get image from Gallery. Some images I get from Gallery and some images shows error message.

I used block as below topic. Attached screenshot of your reference

Set img from camer to a Picture is not possible

And which error do you get?
You have not shown any error message

First check if the selection is not empty.
And if not empty load the picture.

Try to pick the image without high quality. Means disable high quality.

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That method also I tried. Same error. Mainly I get error from Saved Camera Images. Whatsapp, edited and other media images get properly

Try to specify the full filename: “file://” join [selection]

i have no problem but i loadthe img at first into a variable. before i do that i set high qality to false. after loading into a variabe, i set an image picture to the variable. and than high quality back to true. simple 4 blocks. high quality to false. set gloabal variable to selection, det image picture to global variable, and high quality to true. finish

The same problem with me

Can you explain more that a beginner and talk to me the same problem

Post your screenshot

This is what happens with me with some pictures which are in the bottom image studio

But where do I find the blocks pic

I understand now thank you

Use Nimbus Capture for screenshot of blocks don’t click picture like this

This error has occurred after you have performed

Please Don’t use image Picker Component. It’s error instead of use activity Starter or use external image Picker Extension


did you try my method?


It works now thanks to you


easy but works a thank to mikka he told me that in the past, where i needed it.

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