I’m facing an error. Please help me to resolve this

My app was running perfect earlier, but since when Kodular gets updated I’m facing an error.

Please help me to resolve this

are you checking in companion or apk?

Extension used ? Can you isolate the error in your blocks ? When exactly does this error occurs? Post a screendhot of your blocks

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I have checked in both

Uploading: welcome screen block.png…

Please upload image again

No way to see something from all this blocks. As I said when does this error occur, on screen initialize? Later ? First isolate when error occurs and then post a screenshot of relevant blocks. Also please mention any extension that you use

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on pressing a button or on return

If you wish post here or pm me your aia to give it a look

Link is not shareable

check it

I think you’re passing wrong arguments.

Could not replicate error

What does it mean to not repeat the error?

I don’t get that error

can i have aia file

Can this problem be solved by me?

I didn’t do anything with your aia, just tested and no error

if you want i can give login of any desk plz help