Bad argument error

Hello can anyone help me to solve this problem.
When i am testing through companion i didn’t got any error. But when i installed it in the phone it shows bad argument error in Contacts section.

AIA: (2.1 MB)

Posting an aia isn’t helping. If you want help post your blocks.

Did you search the community for your problem? What worked and what not.

Hi when i tried to test via companion it worked fine. But when I exported the app i got error in contacts section showing “Bad Argument to select list item”. Can anyone please help me solve this problem.


AIA : (2.1 MB)

Blocks image:

You are using “Call tiny_db1.get value” as a list
First make a list with “call tinyDB1.get value” then use “select list item” like in “procedure”

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Could you please edit the AIA and send it back

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