Badge In Profile Picture

How i can badge system in profile picture like kodular have for thier for Staffs ? Do i need to use an extension?

You can’t add the badge yourself, it is applied when you become a member of a group.


Actually Conor gave the answer already, just pointing out: @yusufcihan, you’re famous now :joy:


I am sorry.
Perhaps I failedd to explain the question.

I mean to say how can add inside my app for my users.

Let’s say a user reach level 5 get this badge


I think you can do it with Image Editor

Or by following the Overlap components tutorial

Is this only the way?

I guess for the moment…


BTW, can I know where will the badges appear? Will they appear on separate profile kinda page or just like they appear in the community, i.e. on the users comments/replies?

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Inside my app.

Suppose 1 user reached level 5, He will get a badge in his profile picture like pubg.

You didn’t got me. I meant how’s the badges going to appear in your app, in a separate profile-like screen or on the users’ message/comment/reply, just like they appear in the community?

@Shreyash let me clarify it for you:

do you want this badge to be visible everywhere on the profile picture or at only one particular page?

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Everywhere screen 1, Screen 2

If you want to show the badges on a component, layout or screen that is static, i.e, it won’t move or scroll like a listview, then my guide on how to overlap components would be helpful. Else, it won’t be of much use.

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I think using canvas and image component will do the trick.


Thank you for your opinion.

Yes, THIS worked for me