Barcode and Database

Airtable is also a good choice. Try this free extension:

Yes, Indeed
But he hs a data of 1000 + row so that becomes eligible for paid plan, thats the reason i didnt recommend it yet to him

Thanks for your reminder to know the airtable free plan only allow 1200 records per base.
maybe airtable not suitable for this project.

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Hey everybody

I sent again. But i sent like a txt file. It mean .csv .

data.txt (206.6 KB)

Also i want to make the app with local database. I can convert every file to my file.
Or i can use google sheets. Because its free everytime :slight_smile:

Thanks for all supports.

Try this one BarcodeDatabase.aia (68.4 KB)

Thanks Boban.
Its looking very good :slight_smile:
But i have a problem. I didnt work. When i select the data.csv i see that

Ahh sorry, try this one BarcodeDatabase.aia (97.3 KB)

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Thanks Boban for all.

Can u try for me that app with this barcode. It is first row barcode. I tried a lot of time but it didnt work.


I don’t have that number…


you want 1234567 but in excel is 1235467

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Yeah sorry i wanted to send 123456 :slight_smile:

indir (1)

Works as it should

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Thanks Boban for all supports.

I see now.
I didnt found my android phone. So i used emulator. It is not working good at emulator. Because camera working like a mirror. Its working all then.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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I want to thank all the helpers. :slight_smile:
I will improve myself about after that.

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Hey again Boban.

I want to ask a thing too :slight_smile:

My DB will be more than 5000.It will be almost 100.000. When i 100.000 rows an csv app is closed.
How can i change with big DB?

Sorry for the sincerity. Use Relational databases / Database Manager.

Real databases are not spreadsheets.

Thanks Rogerio.
im trying new things. I want to do that double database it mean local and with firebase. If i dont connect internet i will continue to use app with local database. So i need to do this firstly. It wont basic i know. But im working :slight_smile:

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English , Please. :+1:t2:

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Hey again everyone
Sorry for this.

I have some problem with the project. Can u help me ?

-In this project can read just 5000 row but i have 100.000 row. So its not working. I didnt find anything about rows size.

-Also my .csv file is seperate with semicolon(; ) Because my database have comma(,) so i need to seperate with semicolon(; ) How can i do i dont know its not basically.

-Also first label is scanned barcode. I want to change with textbox. When it is textbox. If i write in textbox any barcode i want to find without scanner. I didnt find when i write anything in textbox how can i take this text for add to code.

Can u help me about these?
Thanks for your supports.

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Well, If you had mentioned this from the beginning that it will be 25000, 50000, 100000 then I would advise you to do it in a different way…

Perhaps using SQLite component, you might want to search the community about SQLite

P.S. Putting 100.000 rows instantly in list/db might overwhelm any device, thereby either read mutiple files or from the big file read 5000 lines at a time…