Label to Text for Barcode

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@Boban thanks to i have a app and i want to learn and develope more.

U can look this app topic in here

When a barcode scanner after scan write the scanned barcode at label. But i want to change this like that. If barcode scanner is not scan true i want to write myself barcode numbers. So i change labels to textbox but when i scan, scanner write in textbox. And find. But when i write barcode numbers and click to enter its not working.
I mean If i use barcode scanner or write myself barcode numbers, App will be work.
How can i work this like that?

Thanks for ur supports.

lblReBarcode was label but i change this with textbox rename is lblReBarcodee

You would have to add a search function Search results for 'search list' - Kodular Community

Btw, lbl indicates that it’s a label see more here (it is appreciated if someone should troubleshoot your code) so in your case it should be see the link

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Thanks @Boban i tried some extension from here with lbl and txb but its not working without button. I need to do it with pressing enter.

So when i add with a new action start. Can it work?

Use this one if you want to press enter App Inventor Extensions: Textbox | Pura Vida Apps

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Thanks for your supports Boban.