BASIC: Vocabel trainer -- Databank

Hey there.
I would like to build an app with a spreadsheet in the background.
I’m new to kodular (or any app programming).

My app is a vocabel trainer - with a sheet of words that are asked in a random order. This list is static for all users, but I want to put a score for every word. So that the App knows which words have been complicated for the user and should asked again - or which words are easy=don’t need to be asked again in the next time.

What kind of database/sheet should I use? first I thought firebase, but I feel like I cant do it. then a simple Airtable. but still I’m not sure if it is the right decission.

How do I implement the database?
I looked for Tutorials/Howtos. Especially Youtube would be a good source. But most of it is Hindi/Indian, which annoys me, as the description is english, but then the video isnt anymore…