I am new here and I want to make a business application and I need expert help

I need to make an application that records data for people at work, such as the name in Arabic, date of birth, and ID number. It shows all the data in a list. Any person can be selected from the list for display and some other data and pictures can be added. It is preferable for the database to be in Google Sheet.

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Try with your own efforts, if you failed than ask for help in community

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Hey Ahmed Welcome to Kodular,
As per your given information, you are trying to save data in Google Sheets and later retrieve it to show in your app.

This one is a little advanced so, if you are a beginner don’t click on the link given below, after getting knowledge of Google Sheets, web components especially API calls and app scripts you can visit this.

If you are a beginner use this:-

It contains everything you need, a little hard to set up but after that, you will be doing fine.
You can also search on YouTube for tutorials.

But I will recommend you to use one of the following databases:-

  1. Firebase - It’s costly very costly
  2. Airtable - It’s okay and easy to use
  3. You can use baserow also

An extension of each of the three is available just search on the community.
Thanks for reading