Need help in creating ledger app

I want to create a very simple app to create ledgers and display report.

For exmple, User will input

Date,Name, Debit/Credit Amount

and on search function for a particular Name user can print report

Date, Debit, Credit, Balance

I think that will be simple ledger to be created.

I am very new to kodular so just need your suggestion to some video tutorial or some text tutoriasl where i can learn that simple way to do that.

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Try to use

  1. Google sheet as database -
    refer here

  2. An extension to print the layout

Refer 1

Refer 2


It’s not about being new to Kodular.
You need to know algorithm and programming logic.
Do you make a program in any programming language?

You will need to know how this routine works outside of a system (software) and you can try to do so.
Conditional Deviations
Repetition Structures
Data storage (database)

You Tube will be a help and research here in the community.

You will have to know how many screens the app will need.
Usually each screen 1 or 2 routines
Entry routine for entries in the ledger : what will need to be released ? Date , Value , Description ? What components will you need for this input data? And after the user enters the data, what needs to be done?
And to search the entries of a certain date?
And change any entries in the ledger?
And delete any entry in the ledger?

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