Data from Google Spreadsheet does not apply

Hello, I’m a novice at kodular. I’m not sure how to solve my problem even though I’ve looked it up, so I’m writing in clumsy English and asking for advice. I’m trying to create an app that lists words automatically. Words appear, and after a second, the following words appear. Words are all saved in a Google spreadsheet. To create these apps, I made blocks like this.

I also imported Google sheet extensions, and typed api key, base id, and table name in spreadsheet common properties. But when I tested the app, I couldn’t find words. The screen was stopped like this.
Uploading: KakaoTalk_20240204_020800274.jpg…

What’s the problem? If anyone knows how to solve my problem, please help me. I’d really appreciate it if you could help. Thank you.

Because instead of making repeated queries to the db, you don’t do a Get column and then use the data locally from a variable.
Check the DB configuration (token, base id, table name, grid view) make sure you have established the permissions on airtable.

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