Beginner's guide: Text blocks

I mean this…


I did it but it does not filter anything and does not even clear the list…

Is letters are matching ? If not nothing will take place

I didnt focus on any special character


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Try doing it with a >700 list, maybe that is my problem. List is too large…

Do I have to create 700+ list now and try?

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No no no, I tried it once again, I didn’t match the itens as you said here:


Now I corrected and it searched freely. Thanks for that tip, I’ll keep trying to find a way to replace the special characters.

My blocks are just like yours now, working fine with less blocks:

Edit1: I tried the replacing mapping text block and it’s working less laggy (actually pretty fast) than ever before…
Thank you so much for your help and time…

Edit2: I was wrong, I forgot mapping the TextBox input, when I do it, it becomes laggy once again… I’ll think other ways of doing that… but thank you anyway.

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Suggest you not to add replace mapping in this place. At the time of adding elements to the list there itsel try. Here, let it be. Then only it will be fast somewhat but that is the actual fast. You cannot increase it since it is having 700+

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Umm. This is not what I’ve suggested.
However @Still-learning has already provided the very similar solution to me.

You should really replace it outside of textbox.changed yellow box. You should probably do the replace mapping once you got the list.

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One question, if you do it this way it formats the text up to 18 characters. When I click on a cardview it pulls the information, but it pulls the formatted text. How do I pull the original text?


Instead of replacing item in list initialize an empty local list for example temp_tit and then instead of replace list item list use add items to that temp list … . So when cardview click search original list and this way you will pull original text

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merci infiniment pour l’effort.

“thank you very much for the effort.”

Thank you.
Reminder. The official language on the community is English


how to remove, example…


How do i remove “/anydescription” ?? i need erase after “/”

thank you…

select list index 1 split at / your text

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great brooo its totaly ok
soo thank you!! :laughing:

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When @Peter talk about split a word and put it in a list the index 1 is for empty-string and the second is for the first item of the string. It is so:

You can split a word and put it in a list by putting an empty text string block.


The empty-string is something that has to do with the way Kodular is made and is related to java as far as i know. This has the following result when you want to call items in the list you generated.

When you select item 1 you get your empty string. When you select item 2 you get the first item of the string you split.


I am testing it in companion mode and all is fine. But when I test exporting APK this doesn’t work. The element with index 1 of the list is the first item of the string. Not the empty-string element.

Has anyone tested it? Am I in the right way?

Good morning,
I have been practicing Kodular from time to time for 1 or 2 years.
Thank you very much for your help tutorial on “text” blocks. It is simple and clear.
Have you done any other tutorials?
Thanks again !!!

I want part of the text

Example starting text

and the end of the text

I only want part of the text url