Beginner's guide: Text blocks

One question, if you do it this way it formats the text up to 18 characters. When I click on a cardview it pulls the information, but it pulls the formatted text. How do I pull the original text?


Instead of replacing item in list initialize an empty local list for example temp_tit and then instead of replace list item list use add items to that temp list … . So when cardview click search original list and this way you will pull original text

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merci infiniment pour l’effort.

“thank you very much for the effort.”

Thank you.
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how to remove, example…


How do i remove “/anydescription” ?? i need erase after “/”

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select list index 1 split at / your text

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great brooo its totaly ok
soo thank you!! :laughing:

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When @Peter talk about split a word and put it in a list the index 1 is for empty-string and the second is for the first item of the string. It is so:

You can split a word and put it in a list by putting an empty text string block.


The empty-string is something that has to do with the way Kodular is made and is related to java as far as i know. This has the following result when you want to call items in the list you generated.

When you select item 1 you get your empty string. When you select item 2 you get the first item of the string you split.


I am testing it in companion mode and all is fine. But when I test exporting APK this doesn’t work. The element with index 1 of the list is the first item of the string. Not the empty-string element.

Has anyone tested it? Am I in the right way?

Good morning,
I have been practicing Kodular from time to time for 1 or 2 years.
Thank you very much for your help tutorial on “text” blocks. It is simple and clear.
Have you done any other tutorials?
Thanks again !!!

I want part of the text

Example starting text

and the end of the text

I only want part of the text url