How to remove item list, when click list view?

Please, someone know?

how to remove item list, when click list view, but , i need get index from list to remove, becouse when search some text, changes the id on list view…

Photo 1 ist ok to remove becouse its the same id from list…

here is the problem, when search, changes the id

this is my block and remove from list ok, without search…

how do i remove the item when search and changes the id ?

i think i need click and remove by id from list, not from list view…

soo thank you

Please this topic is about text blocks and your question is about lists and index There is already a solution to this doubt of yours here in the community. Do a search and you will soon find it.

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Try this approach and see if it works for you

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Are you looking like this?

This method will clear the selected item from the global list on click also from search result
(for searching i have used textbox)

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Thank you!! its great!!

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Thank you!! its totally ok !! soo thank you :upside_down_face: :smile:

Hey, now its this…soo good!! its ok…search and remove too…thank you …

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