Beginner's guide: Text blocks

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Yeah, all of those blocks are placed inside the “When Text Changed” but I did not understand how to make those changes you mentioned. I updated the blocks in the post so you can see the whole blocks inside “When Text Changed”.

Thank you for your reply.

What you are trying for also do you think this block will work? Already you cleared the list if the text box is empty then why do you use this block ? I feel it is no logic.

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I’ve removed that and it didn’t solve anything, but thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried these blocks thinking of what @WatermelonIce told me and it’s a bit less laggy, it stills takes some time every time text is changed. I’m trying to figure out what to do next:

Instead using this method, there will be a default search option in list view, kindly enable it and see the speed

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I’m using a ListView With Images not a normal ListView and there is no default search for that.

To increase the speed what I suggest you is, however you will gather titles and all into a single list as a global title . There itself why don’t you use replace mapping?

So at the time of text on changed you can use only cantains text - downcase block alone

I’ve also tried it but when I used the new list on TextChanged it showed this error:

“The second argument to foreach is not a list.” :frowning:

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In text box changed block you can reduce the blocks just by replacing for each item into for each number

On text box changed,
Clear the list
If, contains text piece
Then, List view image block
mage - select list item list (image)
Index (get number)

Title - select list item list (get title)
Index (number)

Subtitle- do the same just like above…

Then, list view image list (no list found )

What you r doing here is, first you are preparing a list based on search and then sorting into each category. Instead why don’t you go directly on the list view when ever user starts to type…

If you use for each item block sometime you will get such error (second item is not a list)

Showed error:

“The operation length of list cannot accept the arguments: , [(titulo 1 titulo 2 titulo 3 …)]”

What do you mean here?

I mean this…


I did it but it does not filter anything and does not even clear the list…

Is letters are matching ? If not nothing will take place

I didnt focus on any special character


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Try doing it with a >700 list, maybe that is my problem. List is too large…

Do I have to create 700+ list now and try?

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No no no, I tried it once again, I didn’t match the itens as you said here:


Now I corrected and it searched freely. Thanks for that tip, I’ll keep trying to find a way to replace the special characters.

My blocks are just like yours now, working fine with less blocks:

Edit1: I tried the replacing mapping text block and it’s working less laggy (actually pretty fast) than ever before…
Thank you so much for your help and time…

Edit2: I was wrong, I forgot mapping the TextBox input, when I do it, it becomes laggy once again… I’ll think other ways of doing that… but thank you anyway.

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Suggest you not to add replace mapping in this place. At the time of adding elements to the list there itsel try. Here, let it be. Then only it will be fast somewhat but that is the actual fast. You cannot increase it since it is having 700+

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Umm. This is not what I’ve suggested.
However @Still-learning has already provided the very similar solution to me.

You should really replace it outside of textbox.changed yellow box. You should probably do the replace mapping once you got the list.

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