Best way to download images?

I creating an app , and it has a lot of images , like 70

Kodular limitation is 20mb , so i need easyest way to download and use images

i trayed with firebase , but it takes a lot of time and work to copy every single link ,…
(picture below)

and it sometime crashes , i trayed with timer (picture below)

so is there anything easyer some tip,trick ?? Should i upload on dropbox or somwhere and from there download ?

So why you are downloading all images.
You can upload images to Cloudinary and get link for image.

Use airtable it’s easier then this method also you can be changed and add image in your app dynamic in airtable

I would like to download it

Will this work

  1. I zip all images in winrar (so there is only 1 download link)

  2. Upload this winrar file to firebase

  3. I download it

  4. Unzip

So is there any function to unzip files ??
Is there better program to zip othervise winrar ??

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Just use airtable spreadsheet add all the image or the url of the images there in the cells in one column and then just call the whole column together this way you will not have to use so many blocks and all the data will be loaded in the app easily and quickly. :+1:

Thank you

But i need it to work ,oslo without internet conection.

Can i download all attachmets with 1 link in this airtable spreadsheet? and how

You can actually add the assets to the APK after it has been built.

Try this site here.


It will. you can unzip it with the File component:


Thank you Cian , if this unzip not possible i try it


I ziped the file with winrar
Downloaded it but, it wont unzip

Label1 is just to know location …


If someone can help i realy need this


Aia file below:
winzip.aia (2.2 KB)

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