Billing In-App Purchases i need Help

They can use the one from Kodular. No need to add extra extensions to your app that already have the functions of components already in Kodular.

then you should start a new thread and provide a detailled documentation of the properties, methods and events… see an example how to do it here App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps


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HI, I can provide detailed information but I don’t have knowledge for creating websites

No need for a own website.
Just create at community a new topic about your extension with details and else.

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Ok, I found a bug in my extension I will solve it then I will let you know

please fix this “consume” block problem , every in app billing user need it for re purchase.

And suscriptions blocks too

@Kodular what is the curent status of the In App Billing component?
Are the issues fixed meanwhile?



It would be great if IAP and subscriptions work correctly. I will soon need them for the app I am developing.

Consume block is coming back.

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Will subscriptions work correctly? In my app people will have the option to be billed weekly or monthly. I need to make sure this works before I release the app.

Only products blocks are working now a day

Oh my goodness, the subscription blocks are essential for my app. I don’t understand why they are present if they don’t work. I wish I had known this from the start.

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as workaround you could use the billing extension meanwhile…

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Does this work with the newest version of Android? Because if it does then I’ll use this

sorry, I do not have such device… unfortunately I’m not able to confirm therefore…
but I do not see any reason why it should not work…

Ok. Once I need it I will purchase it and see.

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When will it come ??? i thought , it would be added with the new update…

After testing the block, we will release it

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Will the subscription blocks also be corrected???