Billing In-App Purchases i need Help

Ok, I found a bug in my extension I will solve it then I will let you know

please fix this “consume” block problem , every in app billing user need it for re purchase.

And suscriptions blocks too

@Kodular what is the curent status of the In App Billing component?
Are the issues fixed meanwhile?



It would be great if IAP and subscriptions work correctly. I will soon need them for the app I am developing.

Consume block is coming back.

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Will subscriptions work correctly? In my app people will have the option to be billed weekly or monthly. I need to make sure this works before I release the app.

Only products blocks are working now a day

Oh my goodness, the subscription blocks are essential for my app. I don’t understand why they are present if they don’t work. I wish I had known this from the start.

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as workaround you could use the billing extension meanwhile…

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Does this work with the newest version of Android? Because if it does then I’ll use this

sorry, I do not have such device… unfortunately I’m not able to confirm therefore…
but I do not see any reason why it should not work…

Ok. Once I need it I will purchase it and see.

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When will it come ??? i thought , it would be added with the new update…

After testing the block, we will release it

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Will the subscription blocks also be corrected???

I haven’t worked on it. Can you describe the problem with Subscription?

When you call the suscription id do nothing

Sin título

this block don’t work


I listen about Your IAP Extension.

Is consume Method is working using your extension if i buy this.

yes of course it is working, same for all other methods, properties and events