Block APP for internet access

How do I block my app to access the internet? I want him completely offline.

Don’t use any component which works on internet…


My problem is as follows. I’m using Bennedum’s SQLITE extension and when I open the app with wifi on, the app crashes and only opens after about 30 seconds. When I turn off the wifi works without problems.

URL extension: aix-SQLite/ at master · frdfsnlght/aix-SQLite · GitHub

that sounds suspicious…
to find out more about that issue, you might want to use Logcat


Finding out that the problem is not with the SQLite extension. It’s in the kodular itself. When the phone is disconnected from the network, the app works without problems (the images and database loads very fast). When I connect to the network, the app images and the sqlite database take a long time to load (30 to 80 seconds). The app is looking for this information from somewhere on the network when it is connected. @Kodular has to fix this.

I use the sqlite component that comes in Kodular and it works perfectly. I also use Taifun’s sqlite extension, which works great. So it’s not a problem with Kodular, it’s a problem with your extension…

But I already said that the problem is not in the extension of SQLITE. The problem is with the Kodular server. Last night my application was working normally and today in the morning it is no longer working. When my app detects internet, it starts to download images and the database of some server. Problem continues.

Kodular server?
Those problems happen to you in the apk? Or in the companion?
Because when you build the APK and install it, Kodular by itself does nothing. Does not connect to any server and does not download any images. Unless you do it in your blocks.
Maybe you have some other extension doing something or you have some bad block.
You can also try another extension so you check that the problem is not that extension.
If you show your extensions and your blocks maybe someone can help you, because with the information you give us we can’t help you much.

By the way, why are you so sure it is not the sqlite extension?

What? How can you know? Delete the extension from the project and see of the issue persists.

When there is an internet connection the sqlite database and some images of the app take from 30 to 60 seconds to load. If I turn off the internet, the bank opens in 1 second.

I simplified the project. I left the images that take a long time to load.

RDC2.aia (5.5 MB)


I realized that depending on the time of day the app has a delay in loading the files. Last night everything was working (with internet and without internet). Already today in the morning it started to brake again. This problem is very strange.

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And it’s not just the image component. The SQLITE database I use in the app takes the same time to load.

You can try replacing the image component with a vertical arrangement. And put the same image in the background (you have to adjust the size of the arrangement).

This way you can check that if the image component is not working properly

AnotaciĂłn 2020-03-31 151903

All of my apps created on kodular try to open these addresses when open. I tried to ping those addresses and they are all off.

When I click to open it accesses:

thank you very much for your detective work…
@Kodular might want to sheded some light onto this… there is nothing to hide, isn’t it?


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we are on the trail of something very hot … LOL

There’s no reason to make such accusations without any kind of proof, isn’t it?
Do you ever ask Google why do they make so many API requests to their servers in their apps, and even in any kind of app using their libraries?

How do you pretend to do so, if you currently have StartApp Ads in your app? There is no way for ads to work offline…

How else do you pretend us to check if the app has approved ads, or if they have removed commissions?
You have only shared a single connection interception, but why don’t you also show the rest of the connections?

It was the first thing I did, as it was really weird to see calls to our API, “without” using billing or ads or anything like that:
Why didn’t you say you were using StartApp ads since the beginning? Of course, the app has to check in our system the commission value you currently have… There’s a StartApp Banner called “Banner_do_StartApp1” in Screen1…

The link you “magically” got (and you are accusing of the problems in your app when it’s because you have components that depend on Internet), is just an interface between My Kodular and the apps, to provide the paid add-ons to users…

And, if you have any other questions about it, you can check the Privacy Policy, TaC and ToS:


I never stated that my problem was in the “Termometro Offline” app. My problem was in the loading of the SQLITE database and in the images of the RDC 344/98 application. And in this app (RDC 344/98) there is no type of advertisement.

I’m not here to cause controversy or attack anyone. I was just trying to solve the problem of loading images and the database that take 30 to 80 seconds to load.

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The images issue is already fixed for next release, today we’ll deploy it
And for SQlite, I tried your app and works perfectly offline. Maybe it could be a problem with your device. Can you test somewhere else?