Block APP for internet access

Just a note: It is not only a “image” problem. Also Webviewer and linkify links not clickable for a while.

How is that related to this topic? Correct: In no way…
If you have issues and there exist no topic already about it then please feel free to create one after a community search first.

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“And for SQlite, I tried your app and it works perfectly offline.” My app’s SQlite works smoothly offline. The problem is when it is connected. When I open the application with wifi enabled and click"BUSCAR NOME COMERCIAL PRINCIPIO ATIVO" the application freezes and only opens after 30 to 80 seconds. When I turn off the wifi works without problems. And I realized that this problem occurs depending on the time. Sometimes the night works without problems and in the morning the crashes start.

“Maybe there could be a problem with your device. Can you test it elsewhere?” I have tested other devices and other wifi and the problem is the same.

Thanks for listening.

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Any updates on this

We’re still addressing a few more bugd


And this at saturday evening… :speak_no_evil:

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why i am facing this problem is it from kodular end i have to turn network on and off to load datat

first few time it load data but after that i have to turn off and on network to load data is it Bug from kodular side or i need to sift database from airtable to firebase