App boots up very slowly when Internet is ON


The App takes too much time (over 20 Seconds) to load when you start it initially, when Internet is ON.

And it Loads Perfectly (0 Seconds) when the Internet is OFF.

It is a static app and doesn’t uses any HTML Or JS apart from few “Web Viewer” on other Screens (not on homepage).

I have tried resolving it from my end but i can’t understand this strange behavior of the APP.

Please help me to fix this issue as i have spent over a month to build this APP.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Kind Regards.

ps- google drive links of app files.



Is there any cache feature involved in Kodular Apps ?

Have u try clearing you app cache? else, unistall ur app, generate an apk from the creator, if issue still there, we will look on the creator now, try clearing your browser and generate a new one

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Thanks for the reply

i cleared the app cache and have re-installed the app after creating the new APK multiple times but the issue still persists.

Please help.

See then there’s something which loads when internet is on and you might have setup in screen initialize block.
I’d like to see your blocks, can you please send it…

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Image component is already reported as a bug and fixed for next update…

Please do a search i the community next time

However, I took a quick look at your aia.

  • You have 36 screens and the most of them look the same, in this case you should have reused the components

  • What I also could see was that you only open a new screen but never close them and this will get you in trouble in the long run


Thank you for reviewing the App,

Great to hear that, hope that will resolve the issue.

I will try to optimize the Screen and reuse the components, that will bring down the size of the App.

Let’s hope for the best.

I also think so but have been unable to figure that out.

I’m really sorry, there are over 36 Screens and hundreds of components , and will be very difficult for me to share it with you using Image.

Please checkout the AIA , i have attached it on the thread above.