App connects to an aws server in the background

Hello everyone
I created a dummy app on Kodular with just a button and a check box to test if the app connects to the Internet (even if the app doesn’t need it) and I found out using Netguard that the app connects to an aws server when started: Once with the IP and later with the IP
I would like to ask if anyone knows about this and if there is a way to build the app without it trying to access the internet.

Thank you

May be Kodular connects to server for Ad Approval verification

Even when you build a blank apk it will access internet because there are some SDK’s that are added to your app when you build it.

We can not remove them.
SDK’s are added to give you a real drag and drop experience of app development.

That’s why the size of an empty apk is around 5Mb.
Kodular uses latest updated libraries that increases the apk size

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Thanks for the explanation!

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If… I understood it correct
If it is related to Builder ( experience… Then what is the need to add them to .apk
Both are different
Kodular compiles app with all components even they are not used

Yes, i am trying to say same thing.

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