Bluetooth Scan need a Location Permission

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I am creating an application that uses the “Scan” function of bluetooth_admin, in the companion it works perfectly, but when generating the APK and installing it the “Scan” function does nothing since it needs Location permissions and when generating the apk it does not request that permission

Steps to reproduce the issue

Use the “Scan” function of bluetooth_admin and, after scanning, pass that data to a ListViewer to display the new devices.

Expected Behaviour

The generated APK must request location permissions.

Actual Behaviour

The generated APK does not request the permissions, therefore the “Scan” function does nothing.

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Android version

Android 8.0

P.S.: To solve it temporarily I added the extension “Bluetooth Low Energy” of the MIT, which does request the location permissions. I don’t use any function of this last extension, I just added it to ask for the permissions.

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I had the same problem today

Puedes agregar el componente Sensor De Ubicacion sólo para que pida los permisos, con eso se soluciona

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Yes, you’re right. I spent a few hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my app. I hope the Kodular team will solve this problem. Just adding the low power Bluetooth extension will solve the problem.

@KodularCreator might want to add the missing permission in the Bluetooth Admin component…



I unlist this. The official language of the forum is English. I guess this one slipped trough.


Can you help us Taifun?

@Peter The first post in this thread now was changed into English and describes the issue very good…
Rather than unlisting this bug report, you better should help putting this onto the bug list so it gets fixed asap…