Kodular Bluetooth admin scan result not showing

Hello, I am trying to make make a bluetooth app. With Buletooth admin i can turn on and off easily my bluetooth. but the scan function is not working properly.
I write code such types After scan > get new devices > place it in a list view.

But the result always showing (). means 0 result. thouth there are much bluetooth devices available.

I am using android 11 > Sam M51
and api 29!


@udayan_santu please show your relevant blocks let me Check if you have done something wrong or not.

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please check the attachment


Wait let me see what happens I will respond in some time

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Try this app
Then I will share aia
BT_Scan (2).apk (5.5 MB)

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not working still…
when i tap on scan it loading long time. but no result

Yes. Same for me must be problem with component

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Let me get an extension I will send you app again test it and then if it works then I will send aia also

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What is your Android version? I’m on android 11 and the “After Scanning” event is never invoked, while before the scan was working when I was on android 10, I think the isssue is related to a too recent version of Android…

yes… i use android 10 and 11… Kodular should upgrade the bluetooth extension… asap…

Yes I am also on android 11 and it’s not working but extension by @Taifun is perfectly working that is paid I have used the test app of that extension and that works great on android 11 then kodular must upgrade this component but don’t worry as you can search community then you will came to know that soon new update of kodular is comming !!


Try asking for the permission ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION when app starts and see if scan works for you

Try this one too :


If your problem can’t be solved I suggest you to use this extension :

BT: An extension to work with Bluetooth - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

Did this but nothing Happened
See this

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Let me try this also By the way this is my problem too so I am also doing this and I don’t want to create a second topic for one and same thing

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Nothing happened with this also

can you show your all blocks

Ok I will also share aia file.

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