Scan device Bluetooth low energy

Hello, happy new yeay for all kodular community
I have recently discover this faboulous application, i am a beginner.
I try to connect my mobile in BLE (bluetooth low energy) but my app don t work properly, nothing happen cause no scan while i have put BLE block scanning .
Could help me and give me blocks example to scan , choose and connect to a ble device, thanks a lot.

Welcome to Community,

can you show us what you have tried, any screen shot of blocks?

here is a Tutorial by @Taifun with their extension, similar to Default component of bluetooth admin.

ESP32_BLE_DHT112_0.aia (257.6 KB)
Could you test or try to change block for working device with your device BLE
thanks my friend

Hello !Thanks a lot for your reactivity,
Very good, could you send me a .AIA file example just connect device with scan please?
Thanks very much.

Hello how are you?
Could tell me if you have Seen my blocks please?
Thanks a lot.

i have checked, that extension is not working.

So i Can t use bluetooth with kodular?i am working with esp32 Arduino pic and works on mosquitos control, could tell me if other alternative connect ble?

Thanks very much

Thanks responding
IS there other solution to work with bluetooth please, i am working with esp32 pic with Arduino IDE, and i want developp an app wich control a New mosquito Trap for Africa.
Thanks a lot friend

i havent worked with blue, but i will check, have you tried default bluetooth components?

What mean default component bluetooth ?i don t know that, if you have an app or an aia file which working with BLE and kodular i am interested !

I will really appreciate if you arrived do working kodular bluetooth, because i have test mit app and thunkable and i prefer kodular, it de a very strong tool for me and for all kodular communauty!

This aia file works wich it compilated with MIT app or thunkable…

hello goodevening;
KODULAR works!!! thanks a lot my frfiend, i have follow your precious advice, downloaded BLE extensions and now it works properly.
Good night.


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