Bonjour, suite à vos retours, j'ai commencé à améliorer l'esthétique de mon application

What is the name of your app?

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Merci pour vos commentaires, qui me sont précieux; merci pour votre temps pour nous tous.

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Please post in english

Hello, I don’t understand. I published my application in English …

Actually Your title and application snaps are not in English that is why I asked you do it in English.

Even if I make a French application?

Yes,You can translate language from google in put title aswell as description english

Désolé, je ne comprends pas ce que vous me demandais.
Faut-il que j’écrive mon application en anglais, ou faut-il que je traduise en anglais le titre dans la descriptions ?

Vous devez toujours écrire n’importe quel sujet ici en anglais pour que tout le monde puisse le comprendre et que vous puissiez le faire facilement en utilisant la traduction Google. Je voulais dire ça.

You always have to write any topic here in the English language so everybody could understand and you can do it easily using google translation. I wanted to say that.

I had corrected by putting the title in English. the screenshots are in French, since I coded in French.
I code a second edition in English to replace my publication.

Voila, I have to code my application in English.
I posted two screenshots in English, but I cannot remove the captrues in French.
is it okay as well (sorry i’m new …)

that’s ok… don’t worry…

keep the screenshots in French as it is…
and to present the app here in the community it is sufficient to add a short description as text as you did

your app is for the french speaking market… it does not make sense to change your app into English only to be able to present it here…


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Ya, It was just a suggestion from my side…

du coup, elle est maintenant dans les deux langues.
Bonne soirée,