Bootcamp for kodular

I am Organizing a Community Level BootCamp to teach new Creative Brains !

I am a die heart Kodular user from INDIA , and I want to start a new initiative in my community level !
I am planning to promote this platform among the young Generation and Motivate especially the students to craft their creativity with this platform ! I am planning to conduct classes for the Interested Candidates and introduce them with this Platform.For this I need your help.I request you people to kindly help me out to create new kodulars having immense potential and mind filled with creativity !

Guys please support me . I dont need any financial support , I just need a video you people !

It should be a face cam video ! I need a video containing the following “A greeting message , An explanation on how it is very easy to develop android apps using kodular , then say them that they are very lucky to get such opportunities , that’s all at last end up the voice note saying best luck !”

“Please mention my name in the video ! A Big Request”

Hoping a positive response from your sides !
Sourav Ranjan Padhi


This is the first time you post on the forum but you are a member since March 2018. Why is it that you now come forward with your first topic? When i see what you are trying to do i would expect that you would be a very active member of the community. When a user is active on the forum other users are more likely to help.


Sir Actually I was busy in with my academics , thats why i m not active , Please sir Help me !

Can you show what you have made with Kodular since you are a die heart Kodular user. Curious if you are already made some things that could learn things to new users.


Sir I have been developing apps since the 2 years !
I have worked on API integrations and much more ! I have developed apps to solve community problems !
I just need a small help ! I request you !
I lost my old gmail account with all my advance projects , else I have it to you right now !
I have been a user of this platform since it was makeriod !

Kodular already has a Getting Started video.