Made a youtube video about remaking apps :kodular:

Hi everyone! i made a youtube video on remaking some apps on play store which had a low rating in kodular…

please check it out:

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Dynamiac Components: @yusufcihan
Circle progress bar: @varsha
Google voice search (without dialog): @ScorpioNormal


awesome video :blush: :+1:

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Thanks a lot @Shreyaa

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Good video! First Hindi speaker that I am able to understand hahhhahaha

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Haha, thanks a lot!!

The thumbnail really looks professional

Good video (I understand hindi a little though)

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Thanks @rizu :star2:

Top video! Great one!

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Thanks @Django_s_Android_App . Glad you like it!!

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Good one but it didn’t tell us much about how to use kodular, what are the requirements, and other things, I mean a new user will look into these things still it’s a good one.

Btw it’s Ubuntu right?

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Thanks! and yes I agree… I thought that the video would be kinda boring if I even showed the process (bcoz, not all might be interested in it), but after viewing the video later, I realized that I should have added just a brief overview… anyways, thanks for suggestions!!

Yes, I am using Ubuntu.

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