Bottom Sheet Vs Vertical Scroll Arrangemet

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I have an application that uses the “Bottom_Sheet” component, and in some cases I need a very large text inside this component, but it happens that the text is cut off, and it cannot show scroll up to read the rest of the text. How do I resolve this? Remembering that I’ve already tried to use the Vertical Scroll Arrangement, but it won’t either. :sleepy:

Try this

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Thanks friend for the help, but I still have the same problem.
In this case, this extension didn’t work for me.

It happens that when I open the bottom_sheet, I have to show a very large text, and this text is cut off… I can’t drag it up to see the other part of the text, as in the image I showed.

Because Kodular Use ScrollView And You Want to use Nested ScrollView For this.

@Douglas_Maueski i made little extension for this

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@Douglas_Maueski do you want like this ??

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Paid or Free?
Exactly what I was needing… :grinning: :upside_down_face:

com.yash.nestedscroll.aix (4.1 KB)
just a small extension first put the verticall scroll arrangement in the vertical arrangement and give the vertical scroll arrrangement as parameter before creating the bottom sheet


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Wow friend…thanks a lot for your help.

really helped me a lot

nice to help you. Thanks

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please clear me a doubt

If I return in the label a text from an external database (excel spreadsheet). Will it work too?



Ofcourse it works you can put whatever you want in the vertical Scroll arrangement like labels buttons arrangement etc

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That didn’t work for me…
What did I do wrong?

Try by getting the text first from database than register the bottom menu and scrollview

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