Vertical scroll arrangement problem

please help me,

my vertical scroll arrangement is not working please help me.

i have set width and height to 100%. and i have added a image.
but it is not working.
when i export my app .
and open the screen ( where the problem existing.)

i see that width and height is not working correctly
there is a small space between the image and end of screen.

there is a white line between the vertical scroll arrangements and screen.

please help me

A screenshots would help to understand the issue you are facing…

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here is the property of vertical scroll arrangements

The small space is the margin or padding Which is common while using arrangements if you want to add background image then put that image to the background image of screen it will remove the white line

Use the decoration component set margins block.And set the to negative values.That always work :wink:

thanks i will try

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You’re welcome
BTW, you can see its documentation here:

dont forget to mark solution if you have got it

okay, i will do

its working,

thanks for your help.
i have learn something new.


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You’re welcome

I’m really happy with that :hugs:

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