Why my image got stretched and damaged?

my image quality got damaged after exporting my app.
it look fine in designer but after exporting the app .
the image got damaged.

Actually, when i use the image in vertical scroll arrangement . it got stretched.
and when i use the image in screen. it got damaged.

please help me

Hi @AryanGupta,
We can’t help you without you show your blocks and properties as well.Any way, my advice to you is to not:

  • set scale picture to fit property to true.
  • set the image height and width to fixed values instread set it to automatic.
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there is no option for that in screen property and in vertical scroll arrangement

i have set my image width and height to 100%

That’s very big.Just set it to automatic.

That is in the image.Don’t check it

check here -

there is no option.

You Are Setting Image in Vertical Arrangement.
Which makes it as a Background image of Vertical Arrangement which will Stretch According to the Screen Sige.

So you can set a fixed height and width to Vertical Arrangement which will save your image from stretching.

i have already set it to 100%

100 % is very Big.

Set it to Automatic or Fill Parent.

okay i have set automatic height.
wait i am exporting my app

Live Test it.
Save Time.

okay i am connecting it

still not working

is there any other solution

problem solved.
i think kodular does not support big images (my image size is around 4 M.B).
i have compress my image to 40 K.B .
And now it’s working fine.


That isn’t a problem in your image size.That’s a problem in the width and height you’ve set.You’ve set a large width and height so the big image go stretched.But when you’ve compressed it.its size decreased, so it didn’t get stretched with your large width and height.If you just set the image to something smaller it would work with the large image.Any way, it’s better to compress you image whne uploading to the assets so it doesn’t incease your app size :+1:

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