Assets image quality decreased after Kodular update

Before kodular update image quality is nice

After Kodular update image quality is reduced

NOTE: High Quality Image Enabled in both files

I disabled the high quality option for layouts since there was more then 41000 crashes…

Because of that problem my app started looking horrible and low quality any solution for that?

Have you read what I wrote?
There was more then 41000 crashes for more then 13000 users…

@Mika Ya i read it but i am asking for alternative so that i can make it look better

I can revert that change but then I want that nobody talks about app crashes since the images that everybody use are always to big.


Cant we auto convert them to 720px wide?

No. Because if a image is then to small the quality is again bad since it then stretch all images.

Bit if the image is < 720 wide, then it gets streched anyway.

@Sander same what I wrote