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Hi, everyone, specially extension developers
i would like a budget for an extension. may be currently the most wanted extension for app inventor distros. an extension that allow us to create whatsapp sticker apps. If possible i want to pay using paypal, but we can negotiate others

there is already an extension for that: [Paid] Whatsapp Sticker Extension Update - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community
but the user who created it don’'t answer anyone in months

The resources for the extension would depend on the price, but at least this:

i am far from an expert but as I see there are only a few problems to be able to create it.

what’s your question ? Are you asking someone to build the extension for you ?

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yes, I will pay a developer to create this extension.

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Check the Inbox I sent you a PM.

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hi, everyone. I has made a deal with Souvik_Bera but he won’t be able to work on it anymore.
if anyone else is interested just PM me.
Or if you know of someone that could do it i would apreciate if could tell me too

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Here I am again. It looks like at kodular community there is no one interested at this project. The only concrete propose I got was from a person that wanted 250 dollars what is too much for me right now.

If anyone knows about an app inventor developer that could make such extension charging less I would be very thankful if you could give me email or others ways to contact such person.

Actually @almeidapablo try this Can I make a Whatsapp sticker app with thunkable? - #Thunkable ✕ Discuss (Cross Platform) - Community. I know it won’t give you a ton of abilities, but it’ll give you something.

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Thanks but the Pablo_Almeida user commenting there is me.
After that topic I gave up but then I found the extension of aix developer so I convinced myself that if he could do it others experts could do it too.

But I am far from a programmer. I can only use blocks to create anything, I don’t understand anything about java or extension making.

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Amazing <3

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