Bug in function Length after install APK

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Hi there, before I wanna say I love Kodular plataform <3.
I started my project in DRACO version, all steps on my project work right, after last update one from them stop work like should.
One of the fields recive an automatic change after complete 6 characters of lenght, on COMPANION it’s work right, but when apk is generate and instaled on mobile isn’t work.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Component: Text_Box
Type: Numeric
Block: When Text_Box. On Text Changed

After input six characters it’s change they to specific format
Input “466000” then change to “466+000”

Expected Behaviour

466000 to 466+000

Actual Behaviour

466000 (no changes)

Show your Blocks

Android version

On project: Android 4.4 (API 19)
On Mobile: Android 7.1 (API 25)

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Another update

this blocks isn’t work too


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Well, I was rebuild my project with the new version and the problems persist, I dont know what to do. =/
Relatorio_Pavimento.aia (359.2 KB)

This block is little bit in complete .!


@Alapjeet thanks for tip, but before close the application is showing a dialog box for confirmation, in Draco it was working good, now not more?

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Ya ok you have to make some changes… Wait i will give you proper blocks with aia…

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I’m thankfull :hugs:

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exit.aia (2.1 KB)

Use this…

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If my solution is helpful please mark it as solution

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Ok, there we go
My application have two screens, using your tip, if I open application and press back, it’s close, but if I create a new register and after press back, it’s close the screen2 but on screen1 it’s no work more, the original problem (lenght text function) don’t was adjusted, but on COMPANION works right, then I belive the problem is in apk generator.
Anyway, follow the application’s .aia file.
Relatorio_Pavimento.aia (359.2 KB)

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there are some bugs in this update so kindly wait for update please…

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Hi @Alapjeet, well, good news, the function length is working right now, but press.back and the procedure MakeReport isn’t, do you could see the procedure on my .aia project on Screen1, I dont do changes on this procedure. Again thanks for your help.

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I think
If you go to SIM screen
And come back using close screen block u will get this type of bug…
So for returning from SIM. screen use go to screen ur_screen_name

All bugs are fixed in my application, thanks all

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