App does not work after APK export. ( Text change issue )

I set block that arrangement5 visible = false . It works fine in companion but it makes visible true after APK export. Please help with solution.

Please check screenshot.

Make sure you are using correct version of comapnion…

so as per your block, va5 should not appear which means companion working good but apk does not… Can you give us test apk, ? Just remove other parts

I found this kodular bug.
Check this.

After screen initialize , its automatically triggered text change.
See this : Bug in text changed event of textbox - #4 by Still-learning

This problem happened in my project.

Please give solution

Please post a test aia showing the problem

Text_Change_Issue.aia (1.6 KB)

Check after export APK not in Companion

After check tell me that its a bug of kodular or its my block fault.

Text change automatically triggered on screen initialize.

I agree there is that bug but how is this related to arrangement visibility problem ?

For text box change bugs … my arrangement got visible without any text change on text box.

How to solve this

Test this apk and see if it works for you

Text_Change_Issue.apk (5.3 MB)

Use the following if

then set firebase’s project bucket and call firebase get value

Please share aia file of your export apk.

This blocks not working

My blocks –

Should you set a PIN to textbox in order blocks to work ?

Its a Number Password textbox.
I stored a 6 digit pin in my firebase database.

The logic is -
If textbox length is 6 then get value from firebase database and check if firebase database value and textbox text are same then show arrengment5. But without entering text on textbox1 , arrengment5 got visible .

See my blocks

If you do not want to post your aia here you could always pm me your aia to check it

Okk check pm.

Problem solved via pm

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